Spider Solitaire Online
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Spider Solitaire Online


Spider Solitaire Online is a card game where the anime is to remove all the cards in the given amount of moves. The game has over 300 levels that get increasingly harder the further up the map you go!

Based around the popular Tri Peaks version of the classic card game, players must clear the dealt cards by removing any that are one value higher or lower than the top card on the deck. Our spider-themed variant gives online users a different card layout each time, offering increasing challenge and complexity. Thankfully, there are no actual spiders involved in the making of this, so the more squeamish amongst you can rest easy knowing no eight-legged friends will be visiting you through your screen.

The first few levels offer an in-play tutorial, taking you through the steps of how to play the game and showing you how to clear the cards. Below is a bit more information about more advanced features such as boosts and earning coins. These concepts will be familiar to anyone who’s played web-based games before, especially those on social media sites, so you’ll have no trouble picking up the rules and strategies of Spider Solitaire online.

With 300 levels to bamboozle and perplex your playing skills, this is an addictive burst of fun you’ll be unable to put down.

Basic Rules

The aim of this spidery online Solitaire game is to clear all the cards that you have been dealt. Most are facedown, and will only be revealed when you clear those that are overlapping them. You do this by clicking on them but only when they are numerically one value higher or lower than the card on the top of the remaining deck. Therefore, if you have a nine of hearts on the top of the deck, you can clear any cards with a value of eight or ten, regardless of suit.
However, each level contains a number of ‘goal’ cards. If these are cleared, then you are able to progress to the next level regardless of whether you clear the rest of the board (although, as detailed below, this isn’t always what you want to happen).

Level Progression

Each online level provides the opportunity to earn stars: one star for clearing all the goal cards, another for reaching a pre-set score, and a third for clearing the board. These stars then unlock other features of the game. Only the first star is essential for level progression but the other two help you reach your star targets quicker, allowing you to unlock features and boosts quicker.

Coins & Boosts

Depending on your skills in each Spider Solitaire level, you also earn silver and gold coins which can be accumulated and spent online. Silver coins buy you pre-game boosts, which you select before your cards are dealt. These offer bonuses like 10% more points during that round, an extra joker (for when you’re stuck) and extra cards in your deck, to help you clear the board.
Gold coins buy in-game boosts, like the opportunity to reshuffle the face-up cards or buy another joker.
Winning a set number of stars (over the course of several levels) also earns you in-game boosts, which you can use straight away or keep until the right moment. This is a free way to earn valuable boosts, but as the number of stars required to unlock them climbs you may find it taking more time to reach your target. For instant results, you’ll want to purchase more gold coins and use those to buy you the boosts you require.

Just Have Fun!

Spider Solitaire is a Solitaire Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.