Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D
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Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D


Tentacle Assassin 3D is an action-packed game that places players in control of a super long tentacle on a mission to rescue his a little squid friend that is captured by humans. With its unique gameplay mechanics and features, the game promises an exciting and engaging experience.

Tentacle Assassin 3D is an actually squid game not the Netflix TV show lol.

Gameplay: In the game players take on the role of a super long tentacle on a rescue mission. Your goal is to navigate through enemy bases, solve puzzles, and defeat an army of enemies to rescue your friend, a little squid, who has been captured and imprisoned.

Character Customization: As you progress through the game, you have the ability to strengthen your tentacle character. This includes increasing your length, size, and strength, which in turn makes you more formidable and capable of overcoming challenges.

Destructible Environment: The game features realistic enemy physics and destructibility. This means that you can break down walls and interact with the environment in dynamic ways, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Infinite Number of Levels: With an infinite number of levels, players can expect a varied and unpredictable experience each time they play. This ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and exciting, as you encounter different challenges and scenarios in each level.


Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D is developed by 4U Games.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

Squid Game Tentacle Assassin 3D is a Arcade Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. Squid Game Tentacle Assassin 3D is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.